WWE fans start petition for Alexa Bliss

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WWE fans start petition for Alexa Bliss

During the last episode of SmackDown we witnessed a truly unexpected scene that no WWE fan would have imagined: Alexa Bliss was in fact attacked by The Fiend, which closed her in her Mandible Craw. This fact, however, does not seem to have been accepted in the best way by a part of the fans who, on Change.org, have created a petition to ensure that their darling has "justice"

Their goal, in fact, is to "turn on" a beacon of hope so that the Stamford company will return to give her more space than she really has had in this period, with a treatment that does not seem to have liked. The attack by Bray Wyatt, in The Fiend version, therefore seems to have been the straw that broke the camel's back.

WWE fans start petition for Alexa Bliss

Fans have started a Chang.org petition called ‘Justice For Alexa Bliss”. They seem serious, and this petition is starting to make its rounds. The description for the petition says: "On the July 31st edition of SmackDown Our hero Alexa Bliss was assaulted by a THUG named Bray Wyatt.

The reason for this is to see the criminal brought to justice. Please sign this to see our queen brought get the justice she deserves." What exactly happened? After the discussion with her friend Nikki Cross, who reacted by pushing Bliss in the middle of the ring, Alexa was alone and the usual lights, after a moment of darkness, turned red and the alter appeared behind her.

-Evil ego of Bray Wyatt, or The Fiend. Wearing his usual mask, the former universal champion crashed into the wrestler leading her to fainting using his MandibleClaw move. The whole thing could however be a "trap", in a mark key, to attract Braun Strowman to himself who, we remember, made a couple of years ago with her in some mixed tag team matches.

However, what fans just don't seem to like is the fact that a fighter of her level, with a very high status, is used as a secondary character within the storyline in which she is not the protagonist. It should also be stressed, however, that there is the possibility of seeing her again, perhaps, in a new guise in a few weeks: is it a new beginning for you? We'll see.

Alexa Bliss recently received a unique proposal from a fan named Antonio who paid around $400 ($399 to be precise) in order to ask the WWE Superstar on a date. This entire episode unfolded on Cameo, a website on which the fans and supporters can seek customised video shout-outs from their favourite WWE personalities.