Reason why Gran Metalik was booked in IC title match

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Reason why Gran Metalik was booked in IC title match

A few weeks ago during SmackDown Gran Metalik took a title shot for the Intercontinental title by defeating the various Lynx Dorado, Shorty G and Drew Gulak in a Fatal 4-Way Match. The victory of the luchador was in fact a real surprise for everyone since he was certainly not the favorite to grab this opportunity.

So, however, it was and the former Mascara Dorada, the following week, had an opportunity titled against AJ Styles. The match ended, as widely expected, with the reconfirmation of the champion, however this was a great opportunity to show off as the match was truly spectacular and full of reversals in front.

Many, however, wondered why WWE made this decision. Here are what could be two reasons behind this booking choice.

Reason why Gran Metalik was booked in IC title match

As reported by Ringside News, in fact, behind this WWE choice to grant a real catwalk to Gran Metalik there could be the fact that, some time before, Dave Meltzer had declared that, in his opinion, the boy is the best luchador out there in the world of wrestling, as well as an excellent worker.

Bruce Prichard, after hearing him, would have decided to give him a chance because, in this way, he would have liked to appease the hearts of readers of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, not exactly happy to see a talent of the genre relegated more and more often in the lowcard of the show of the federation of stamford.

A second reason, however, could be sought in the fact that, as already happened with Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles also wanted to give space to those WWE payroll wrestlers who, despite having enormous talent, are often not exploited properly by company due to lack of space and - most of the time - ideas.

The Drew Gulak case, in this sense, is emblematic. We will see if there will be more space for him or if, as expected, he will return to being a member of the Lucha House Party without having any benefit from this luxury meeting in which, however, he has done an excellent job.

The way it was explained to us, the pull to have Gran Metalik in the IC Title match was because Prichard “tried to appease the sheet readers by putting him in the match with AJ”. It was also said that WWE “tried to end the discussion” by beating Gran Metalik.

Daniel Bryan might have some pull to utilize the undercard, but we were told there was a different agenda behind booking Gran Metalik in this situation.