*Spoiler* WWE suspends Nia Jax

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*Spoiler* WWE suspends Nia Jax

After last week's salty fine, Nia Jax would not have learned her lesson in the WWE ring yet, with the former Monday Night Raw champion who once again went to attack in the last episode of the red show a WWE officer, Pat Buck, already seen during the last episode of the federation Monday night show.

Even after being fined by WWE, who suspended payment of Raw's athlete's salary for several weeks, Nia Jax hasn't stopped acting like a bully given her size, insulting and treating WWE's road agent very badly.

, even in this episode of the red show that aired tonight.

Nia Jax indefinitely suspended

After the incident that arose last week in the fight with Shayna Baszler, where Nia Jax had already pushed Pat Buck into the center of Raw's ring, tearing his shirt, insulting him and kicking him, the cousin of The Rock raised the dose this week, going to insult again the officer of the federation of Stamford, with the latter who thought instead of getting the apologies of the mammoth athlete of the red show.

After the umpteenth moral blow, with Nia Jax who had come to insult heavily Pat Buck, who had intervened on-screen to receive the athlete's apologies, the same WWE road agent took the microphone and effectively suspended in time the former Raw Women's Champion is indeterminate and unpaid, with Nia who has been furious at the thing and who will probably return shortly to take revenge on the WWE officer who made her such a rude.

It is not known at the moment where this WWE storyline can lead, with the management having specific plans in mind for the former champion of the red show, who, however, should now remain off the scene for at least some time, at unless there are important news already from the next episode of Monday Night Raw in just seven days.

The attack was quite brutal because he blocked his hands using his coat and then head bumped his nose. While he was struggling to get up, she swiftly plants a kick on him causing him to roll over. Now, this segment may be WWE’s method of building towards an intergender match.

Even though this was once planned when Nia Jax-Dean Ambrose was in the books in 2019, it did not go forward. On top of that, considering the drop in ratings for WWE recently, this might be another idea that WWE is fishing out of the box to boost the upcoming ratings.