*Spoiler* What was WWE Raw Underground?

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*Spoiler* What was WWE Raw Underground?

As reported by us at Wrestling World recently, WWE had widely publicized the return of Vince McMahon's son, Shane, just a few hours before Monday Night Raw live broadcast, with the federation not letting out any clue as to what the first-born of the WWE Chairman was going to do in his on-screen return with the federation located in Stamford.

After being fired by Kevin Owens in the very first episode of Smackdown aired on Fox last October, in fact, Shane McMahon had disappeared from the WWE radars in a total way, with the son of Vince who remained however to work in the backstage of the federation without having a prestigious position behind the scenes of the family company.

The new project conceived by the son of the patron of WWE, seems to be a sort of new fighting club, very similar to the "Fight Club" style, a well-known late 90s film starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, who are part of a club where illegal matches are staged to the death and in which fights of all kinds are accepted.

Apparently, even Shane McMahon would have had a very similar idea, with a ring surrounded by athletes closed inside a basement, in which match-dead matches are staged. Within this segment, there are also dancers with fishnet dresses that cheer up the evening, with Shane who has a microphone in hand has promised numerous segments of the genre to fans in the future, with two protagonists who immediately started to talk about them , with the now well-known Viking Raiders' Erik who literally paved his unfortunate opponent and the brand new Raw Dabba-Kato athlete, who was presented directly by Shane McMahon as the new unstoppable force of the exclusive Raw Underground club, which has literally also destroyed his opponent.

For a start there is no ropes on the ring and the bright lights of Monday Night Raw are ominously dimmed down.

What was WWE Raw Underground?

Instead, some dancing girls and potential fighters who are able to volunteer to step in the ring surround it.

It is more closely linked to MMA and other fighting styles rather than wrestling matches, therefore you are more likely to see fists and takedowns than drop kicks and flying cross bodies. The debut edition of Raw Underground saw a number of stars compete, including the debutant Dabba Kato, formerly known as ex-NFL star Babatunde Aiyegbusi.

While more established stars were also given the chance to showcase their skills in this rather surreal environment, for instance Viking Raiders superstar Erik certainly made a statement by dominating his opponent. Former World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler also featured in these new surroundings for Monday nights.