*Spoiler* Montez Ford collapses during match on WWE Raw

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*Spoiler* Montez Ford collapses during match on WWE Raw

Moments of real panic during the last episode of Monday Night Raw which aired this night, where twice the couple of the red show champion, Montez Ford, collapsed on the ground in front of the incredulous partner Angelo Dawkins, both during the match between Dawkins and his opponent Angel Garza, both during the match between Ford himself and Andrade, staged shortly after the first fainting, with the athlete who seemed to have recovered.

But let's reconstruct the story well. During the match which involved one of Raw's couple champions, Angelo Dawkins, against the current opponents of the couple, specifically Angel Garza of the Garza-Andrade team, Ford collapsed to the ground for no reason, with such distraction that caused Dawkins' defeat at the hands of Garza.

After recovering from the first failure, Montez Ford said he was ready to continue the evening and after a few minutes he returned to Raw's rings for his scheduled match against Andrade, which however ended in the same way as his companion's match had ended team, or with the fainting of Montez.

Montez Ford collapses

According to what emerged later, everything should fortunately be part of a storyline, created by WWE to put a pinch of pepper in the feud for the couple titles of the red show. Montez Ford was apparently poisoned during the evening, as revealed by his partner during a backstage segment, by what type of substance it is not known.

Ford's partner, Banca Belair, also asked Zelina Vega loudly if the Mexican team had anything to do with what happened in the Raw ring, but obviously the three deny their involvement. We will see where this storyline that many fans have already linked in part to that already seen over 25 years ago, in which a Shawn Michaels at the height of his career fainted in the rings during a match with Owen Hart, in a segment that if this time if it were true and unscripted, it would certainly have been heavily edited by WWE in post-production.

During a backstage segment, Dawkins said that doctors believe that Ford may have been poisoned before his match. Bianca Belair confronted Vega and told her to come clean and tell her if she tried to poison Ford. This led to a pull apart. The Street Profits will defend the Raw Tag Team Championships against Andrade and Garza at SummerSlam on 8/23.