*Spoiler* WWE's mysterious new faction makes a fiery debut

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*Spoiler* WWE's mysterious new faction makes a fiery debut

Shortly before the new episode of Monday Night Raw, which aired on Monday night, WWE had announced through social media the intervention of a new and mysterious faction. In this episode of the red show, nothing has been officially defined, but the intervention has taken place and suggests that this is only the beginning.

During the show, from the beginning, the lights started to vibrate and sometimes to tremble, but above all initially the blame was put on the bad weather outside the Orlando Performance Center. Then, even during the match valid for the United States title, the lights continued to flash as if there was some external intervention and in the Kevin Owens show the KO microphone continued to give problems.

WWE's mysterious new faction makes a fiery debut

After several problems until the middle of the episode, some security agents highlighted that generators were tampered with backstage and the MVP himself said he was perplexed about this situation.

Towards the end of the red show, the arcane was unveiled with security cameras that showed hooded people, all in black, setting fire to the electric generator. It's a pretty particular and extreme situation for WWE, probably never seen, a new faction that tries to tamper with some technical aspects of Raw and that seems ready to interfere in the Vince McMahon show.

It is only the beginning and in the coming weeks we will certainly have new indications about it. WWE had presented this faction somewhat abnormally and there was no anticipation other than this message: "WWE.com has learned that a new faction will arrive in Raw tonight.

The superstars that make up this faction have yet to be revealed, but the chatter around the WWE Performance Center says the group is ready to wreak havoc and upset the organization's very structure. What does this alliance have in store for the red brand? "The real reason for all these news on the red show, from Shane McMahon to this mysterious faction, is probably due to Stamford's willingness to raise attention towards the show that recently it presents bad and almost mortifying television ratings in the United States.

More power issues have popped up with Kevin Owens' microphone not working properly during an in-ring promo, and Charly Caruso reporting of boxes being dropped and disturbed backstage. This new faction currently has five members, with one of the voices appearing to be a woman. Fans will have to keep tuning into Raw for more clues as to this new faction's true identities.