*Spoiler* Update on WWE SummerSlam matches

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*Spoiler* Update on WWE SummerSlam matches

In the last episode of WWE Monday Night Raw there were several surprises, such as the return of Shane McMahon and the birth of Raw Underground, but also a welcome return: that of the current US champion Apollo Crews who, after weeks of absence, is back defying the self-proclaimed MVP champion.

The match was won, as we know, by the former member of the Titus WorldWide who thus obtained both belts: the official one, so to speak, (which in fact he had never lost) and the second that, instead, had been fact created by the leader of Hurt Business.

A major victory for the current champion who confirmed himself as such but who, however, was then challenged by MVP in an official match for the title at SummerSlam, where there will be the final showdown between the two in a feud certainly compelling that also involved the other members of the stable, namely Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley.

During the night, however, there was another meeting announced for the most important Pay-Per View of the summer: we are in fact talking about Seth Rollins against Diminik Mysterio, a meeting that for the moment does not seem to foresee special stipulations unless further updates and changes that could be in the coming weeks.

Update on WWE SummerSlam matches

After the numerous attacks on both sides, in fact, the meeting between the "Messiah" of the red show and the son of the masked Mexican wrestler has been made official. It will be interesting to see what Murphy's role will be in all of this: the Australian wrestler, in fact, in the last few weeks has appeared a little suffering due to the orders imposed by the leader of his stable, a sign of the fact that there could be, clearly in the future, a possible split.

Could he be the cause of the defeat of the former Shield member in the PPV? We'll see, but one thing is certain: Dominik is increasingly imposing himself on the upper floors of WWE, with the leadership that seems to want to grant him every day that passes more and more trust.

WWE has announced that Asuka vs. WWE Women's Tag Team & SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley in a non-title match for next Monday night. Per the stipulation announced by Banks on tonight's RAW, Asuka will earn a RAW Women's Title shot at SummerSlam if she can defeat Bayley next week.

Monday Night's RAW saw Shayna Baszler fight Banks to a No Contest in a non-title match. After the match, Baszler confronted Asuka and said she will be cheering her on at SummerSlam, so Baszler can then dismember Asuka while taking the RAW Women's Title from her.