Austin Theory suspended by WWE

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Austin Theory suspended by WWE

Arrived in the spring in Raw as an inexperienced member of the NXT roster, the wrestler Austin Theory in the last few months was reaching the top of the WWE, promptly pushed as an important member of Seth Rollins' disciples.

Many were foreshadowing a bright future for the young wrestler. But that may have ruined everything. As reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, WWE has suspended Austin Theory indefinitely and therefore this is the reason why we haven't seen him on the screens for several weeks.

Update on Austin Theory

In WWE since 2018, The Unproven One has not appeared on the air for over a month: its last meeting was held in June in an episode of WWE Main Event. The reason for this suspension, however, appears rather serious: in recent weeks there have been reports that have seen Austin Theory accused of inappropriate behavior and against the #Speakingout movement.

Speaking out is a movement that gives particular prominence and tries to defend women before and after having suffered s****l abuse. At the moment, WWE has not officialized anything about it, and apparently the situation of Austin Theory is a real mystery.

WWE had high hopes for this wrestler, who during the period that saw Paul Heyman as Raw's executive director seemed to have a strong upward push. It remains to be understood now the future of Austin and whether the wrestler will return shortly or not within the roster of the Superstars active in WWE.

SportsKeeda editor Tom Colohue recently revealed that many athletes in the backstage adore the Georgia wrestler. Here are some of his words about it: "We called Austin Theory lucky, but the reality is that he took all the opportunities available, and backstage people love this guy.

Not only is Zelina Vega singing her praises, but Triple H and Paul Heyman himself expect great things from him "After the departure of Heyman as executive of Raw the situation had changed and these latest news could only ruin the career of the young athlete.

In an interview with ComicBook back in February, Theory talked about how badly he wants just one match with John Cena. "Cena was somebody that for me was the first person I had ever seen that got me into wrestling," Theory said.

"I remember turning on the TV, and the first thing I ever saw was John Cena in the ring doing a segment with Johnny Nitro at the time and Melina. I know that makes everybody's eyes roll. But I remember watching that, and just his attitude, I just liked it.

For me growing up, I was bullied in school, and I didn't have my dad in my life, so it kind of helped me, like just his attitude and the way he was and the way he carried himself, no matter what the situation was."