SummerSlam 2020's host city reportedly confirmed

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SummerSlam 2020's host city reportedly confirmed

The card for the biggest wrestling event of the summer is gradually forming. WWE SummerSlam will be held towards the end of August, but the event does not yet have a definitive venue. Vince McMahon would like to play Pay Per View outside the Orlando Performance Center and several rumors have emerged these days about alternative solutions evaluated by the federation.

WWE has not yet made official any place for the event, the only sure thing is that the WWE Chairman would like to attend an event with the presence of the public. During the last edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, the journalist Dave Meltzer revealed what should be, at least probably, the official headquarters of SummerSlam.

Dave Meltzer said about the venue: "Right now I think the venue will probably be Atlantic City, but we'll see. They want, or rather, Vince wants to play this event outside of Florida, he wants a different place. On the situation of the fans I have no certainties, the WWE Chairman would like the presence of the public at SummerSlam at all costs."

WWE planning to hold SummerSlam in Atlantic City

The journalist has clarified that he does not know if the government authorities will leave to dispute such an event with the presence of the public, but in WWE hope so.

Meltzer also answered the question of whether WWE can convince fans to participate in the event on short notice and said: "The reality is that if we talk about 15 Thousand people the question is difficult, but in truth I think at best they will be able to participate 2 Thousand people and I don't think there are any problems.

Of course, if everything was resolved, they would have announced the agreement today, but the announcement has not been made and therefore I believe there are still problems. In the end, the event could also be played without an audience, but still outside the Performance Center."

The last match announced for SummerSlam is the challenge between Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins and young debutant Dominick Mysterio. Of extraordinary importance also the challenge for the title of WWE Champion, between the current champion Drew McIntyre and the Legend Killer Randy Orton.

Most of WWE’s pay-per-views have taken place at the Performance Center in Orlando, FL due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There have been rumors that WWE is looking to hold SummerSlam outside of Florida. The North East United States has been discussed as a host region.