EC3 calls out Raw Underground for being...

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EC3 calls out Raw Underground for being...

During this bizarre 2020, something really weird happened in all colors in WWE, like a bit in the whole world of pro-wrestling in general, to the great McMahon-stable Superstars who have become absent from the federation rings, such as Roman Reigns, Sami Zayn or Becky Lynch.

There have also been various layoffs that the Stamford company had to do because of the pandemic that hit the whole world, going without professionals such as Rusev, Kurt Angle or Mike Chioda. Among the many excluded from the active roster of Monday Night Raw, NXT and Smackdown, there is also the name of EC3, a former 24/7 WWE champion, who after the April release returned to marry at Impact Wrestling together with many other colleagues, where the boy had already worked years ago after the first release from WWE, in which EC3 had even reached the title of world champion, when Impact Wrestling was still called TNA and was still totally in the hands of the Carter family.

During the debut of Raw Underground, a new concept wanted by Shane McMahon in the last episode of Monday Night Raw, which we readily talked about in the past few hours on our news board, the former member of NXT and then of the main roster WWE wanted with a few simple photos, to make fans understand how important his work in recent months has been, so much so as to bring WWE to copy some details of his promo, which came out only a few weeks after his April release, with the hashtag #controlyournarrative, which would mean being in total mastery of your character and not subject to the creative team of WWE, which soon became one of the new mottoes of EC3.

EC3 watched RAW this week and...

On his official Twitter profile, Ethan Carter has in fact left some photos with a simple hashtag, without adding any type of comment, with the photos that seem to be clear enough on their own and with the fans who immediately stormed his profile social networks and those of WWE, after the obvious similarity of the segments aired at different times and in different broadcasts.

EC3 watched RAW this week and he noticed it was very close to his own Narrative video. The former WWE Superstar took a shot at the Raw Underground segment. The current Impact Wrestling star didn’t even need to say anything.

He posted some photos along with #ContolYouNarrative. It seems like WWE might have jacked this idea from EC3’s video. Or, at least that’s the impression given.