What's next for Shane McMahon?

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What's next for Shane McMahon?

As we now know, Shane McMahon returned after a long time to Raw to announce a new "band", a new section of the program called "Raw Underground" It is, in fact, something not yet well defined in which, in a distant ring from the Performance Center, some wrestlers compete as if we are in a sort of "Fight Club."

Where we will go with this new idea from WWE is still to be understood, however many wonder what the medium-long term plans are for the son of Vince McMahon, who probably returned due to the very low ratings of the program, arrived at historic lows.

As Ringside News reported, the reasons behind this choice by the federation of Stamford to bring his figure on screen, surely, are several, let's see some of them.

Rumors on Shane McMahon

The main reason behind this return of Shane McMahon on screen, who was simply the one who officially announced Raw Underground, is to be found in the federation's willingness to shake up the red show.

As often happens when the ratings are not satisfactory, Vince McMahon wanted to recall an "old glory", a "safe used", so to speak, so that long-time fans, at least in his head, can flock en masse. The hype about his return, moreover, has been a lot, at least on the company's official social channels.

At the moment, however, as far as we have seen, we are not able to hypothesize what the medium-long term plans are for him. A member of the WWE creative team, the American source always reports, spoke of a "new Shane", as if there was an important change in store for him which, however, has not yet been seen.

We will see if in the next weeks more space will be given to his figure or if, as unfortunately often happens, everything will be canceled the short time. RAW Underground debuted to a divided response on this week's RAW, with its sepia camera filters and dingy setting intended to capture a grittier, edgier feel, and the matches closer to shoot style than Sports Entertainment.

If nothing else, the 100,000 extra viewers this and the pre-advertised faction debut convinced to tune into RAW will prolong its lifespan for at least another few weeks. The pre-show marketing paid off. Monday's WWE RAW episode, featuring the debut of the RAW Underground concept that also closed the show, drew an average of 1.715 million viewers on the USA Network, according to Showbuzz Daily.

This is up 6% from last week's 1.617 million viewers, which was the second-lowest viewership in the history of the show.