WWE reveals "RETRIBUTION" name for new faction

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WWE reveals "RETRIBUTION" name for new faction

During the last episode of Monday Night Raw aired only a little over 24 hours ago on the USA Network, WWE has built several new scenarios for its main storylines, going to create something new and original at different times of the episode, with all the crew of the federation who was in fact called to a great job that lasted until late at night, with the insiders who remained to record content for the next episode of the red show even after the broadcast of Raw last Monday and therefore also after midnight.

Among the many angles and segments seen during the last episode of the WWE flag show, there was also one that was already planned on the eve of the evening, or the presentation of a new stable that promised to bring chaos on ring WWE and has already attacked the federation by launching incendiary bottles outside the Orlando Performance Center, to make it clear immediately what the athletes that make up this team are made of.

As reported in the night by WWE itself through its official website and its social channels, the new faction of Raw would now also have a name of its own, which would be that of RETRIBUTION. At the moment we do not know for sure nor do we have any kind of clue as to which athlete would have joined the stable, having had no message from the stable, if not the Monday night incendiary attack.

WWE reveals "RETRIBUTION" name for new faction

We'll see where this WWE storyline will also lead, which as usual seems to have been hastily put on by the company's upper floors, to try to entertain their fans, with the leadership of the Federation of Stamford that has put a lot of meat to the fire in the last episode of the red show, in view of the most awaited event of the WWE summer 2020, with Summerslam which is now around the corner.

WWE issued an announcement this afternoon and confirmed that RETRIBUTION was to blame for the various technical difficulties seen during last night's RAW broadcast. WWE's announcement noted that little is known about the new faction, but that their sole motivation seems to be causing chaos in WWE.

The initial reaction among fans on social media was that the group may be inspired by Antifa. However, it was reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet on Monday that the group is not political, and that the storyline is specific to WWE, not current happenings in the country.

The idea behind the new stable is that they will use any means necessary to get the attention of WWE officials, and that they are trying to "loosen control" over WWE Superstars and change the way the company operates.

It was also reported that the members of the stable are being kept close to the vest by top WWE officials, and would not be immediately revealed.