Backstage chaos before WWE Raw tapings

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Backstage chaos before WWE Raw tapings

In the last period, it seems that the WWE backstage has plunged into absolute chaos, with the team of the creative team that would have totally returned to the hands of Chairman Vince McMahon, after the short period of a year entrusted to Paul Heyman, before his provision as executive director of the red show, with the WWE patron who is now followed step by step by Bruce Prichard, who works with Vince for both Raw and Smackdown, for several days a week.

Apparently, in the last few days, the situation is said to have become even more chaotic, with several angles staged during the last episode of Monday Night Raw which aired only on Monday, which would have been almost entirely improvised along the way, with the WWE crew that has had to make enormous efforts to complete the recording of the episode of last Monday and also a large part of that of next week.

Backstage chaos before WWE Raw tapings

Apparently, according to what has been reported by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, WWE had planned several plans for the episode of the flag show on Monday evening of the company, although the only definitive ones were only two.

The only segments ready for the episode of Raw last Monday were in fact only two, with the segment between Randy Orton and Ric Flair and that of Shane McMahon's Raw Underground, which were in fact the only ones already programmed and prepared by WWE.

The rest of the episode that we saw just over 24 hours ago, had not been completely invented by WWE as a healthy plant out of nowhere, but almost. According to what the well-known Observer journalist reported, in fact, Vince McMahon and associates went to work literally on the same arm on Monday evening, leaving ample personal margin for the athletes involved in the angles, who had to largely also improvise the dialogues and the words to use on-screen in their angles.

From what reported by Meltzer, the idea of ​​WWE was to "throw different things against the wall", so as to see what would remain of the episode, with different angles that would therefore only be a test to see the reaction of the fans to what was broadcast by the federation.

We will now see if even in the next episode of Friday Night Smackdown or in the next one of Raw, WWE will continue to use this method or return to the classic programming in advance of the angles and matches.