Ric Flair Comments on Charlotte Flair’s Surgery

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Ric Flair Comments on Charlotte Flair’s Surgery

Ric Flair recently commented on his daughter’s surgery and gave an update about how she is doing post-surgery. Ric’s daughter is former WWE Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair. Charlotte is one of WWE’s top female wrestlers.

Charlotte had to undergo surgery, reportedly. She had some issues and she required surgery to fix those. She went under the knife on the 25th of July. We do not know when she will actually return to action but according to Ric, the surgery was successful and everything is fine.

Ric Flair Comments on Charlotte Flair’s Surgery

"She's doing great, she of course is climbing the walls," Ric said of Charlotte wanting to return to action. "I just got a text from her about a half-hour ago, 'Dad, I'm going crazy.'

She is so intense and so invested in our business, in the product, in her work ethic. This surgery was something that had to take place. "Personally, I wish she had done it earlier, but she would never ever leave without fulfilling what she felt she had to do.

This was something that was bad. ... Nobody made her stay, nobody did anything. She's never going to ever be any less than 100 percent committed to the success of the company and her career and her involvement. She's doing great, but she's missing every second of it.

She does not know how to turn it off. But that's what makes her how great she is. She can have the greatest match in the world and she won't rest on those laurels for one second." Ric also compared himself to his daughter and the difference that the two possess.

"She's a walking, talking highlight reel," Ric said. "And when she's not working, she dresses immaculately, spends the money, she invests in her gimmick. "She's not crazy like me. She's not wasting her money on cars and s--t like that, but when it comes to her appearance, she's gonna look like a champion.

You want a champion, she is a champion." Ric Flair is regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. He was one of the most important NWA Heavyweight Champions in history. He is retired and he doesn’t wrestle anymore. However, he still makes appearances once in a while on WWE TV. Charlotte Flair is now continuing the legacy of her father.