WWE’s plans for Raw Underground title

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WWE’s plans for Raw Underground title

WWE's proposals to reawaken the interest of the public are many and varied. The company is moving in different directions to address the diminishing public interest. Among the minds engaging in this process is undoubtedly Vince McMahon who, as always, is at the forefront to make sure that everything goes back to the glories of the past.

The Stamford federation has already released a substantial update in the architecture of the schedule for Raw, in fact the introduction of Raw Underground has certainly stirred the waters and attracted attention. The wrestlers who have seen in this new "section" of the show an opportunity to show off and go back on the card are really many.

Among these, there is also Liv Morgan who is, at the moment, among the women interested in participating in these challenges inside the Fight Club style cordless ring.

Update on Raw Underground

Among the rumors circulating, as reported by Ringside News, one in particular piques the interest of fans who would see WWE intending to introduce a title linked only to Raw Underground competition, although at the moment there is still nothing official about it.

Raw's audience figures have seen a slight increase in spectators and the federation is wondering in these hours the reason behind this increase. Certainly, the new ideas put on the plate of the McMahon family are not few and there are rumors in the environment that there may be others in the coming weeks.

Certainly the entry of a new belt, after the relatively recent one of the title 24/7, would open up further possibilities for those fighters who do not have space at the moment in the show card, but will really serve to raise the ratings permanently? We will see what will happen in the next few weeks in which, however, a new stable, the Retribution, which promises to sow panic within Raw's roster should also debut: will it really be like this or will it all be a straw fire? It was told to us by a member of the writing team close to the situation that they are “figuring things out as they go” with “no real plans” in place.

If McMahon has an idea then odds are he will try it out. WWE is literally throwing ideas at the wall to see if they stick. Raw saw a slight boost in viewership this week. It’s unclear which idea worked for WWE, but something brought more fans to the red brand this week.