Can Raw Underground increase WWE ratings?

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Can Raw Underground increase WWE ratings?

One of the most electrifying surprises of the last episode of Monday Night Raw aired as usual on the night of Monday evening by the WWE on the USA Network, was the new concept presented by Shane McMahon (returned on-screen just for the occasion), with Raw Underground, a segment in which several of the WWE Superstars come to the hands in some literally illegal matches, in full Fight Club style, where in a basement, a referee without an official uniform of the federation holds meetings of all kinds between the different participants of the evening.

This idea is said to have been chosen among many by the WWE management to try to substantially raise the company's TV ratings, with the FOX and USA Network that in the last period would not have been at all satisfied with the results obtained by the McMahons in the listening field TV.

Can Raw Underground increase WWE ratings?

According to what was reported in the last few hours by the overseas reporter John Pollock, who has been following the events linked to the WWE for years, especially as regards the internal and political vicissitudes of the federation, the numbers obtained by the new segment presented by the eldest son of Vince McMahon in the The latest episode of Monday Night Raw would not only be exciting, but they would have been much higher than what the broadcasters and the leadership of WWE expected from the birth of this novelty.

As can easily be seen from the numbers reported by the well-known overseas journalist, WWE has managed to boom in almost all the categories examined by its viewers, with the only demographic that has undergone a slight negative decrease that is that of over 50s.

Apparently, WWE with Raw Underground would have succeeded perfectly in the intent it had set itself, which is to create something new that would bring fans' attention to the product, but now we will only have to see if these numbers will remain so in the coming weeks or if they will experience a new and further decline as happened so far.

Speaking of ratings, viewership for this week's episode of Raw improved slightly. The show averaged 1.715 million viewers which is up from the 1.617 million viewers the show got last week. It will be interesting to see if this new concept can increase ratings as we head into SummerSlam. You have to admit it's something different, but only time will tell if it will be a true success for the company.