Roman Reigns called out for getting fake teeth

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Roman Reigns called out for getting fake teeth

One of the most missing WWE Superstars in the federation's in-ring action is certainly Roman Reigns, a former world champion of the federation who, due to the pandemic virus, decided to stay at home indefinitely, no longer working for the moment with the federation, given his current state of health and the long illness from which he leaves, as well as having seen the birth of his two last twins only a few months ago.

The absence of Reigns was then joined by those of other great Superstars such as Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Sami Zayn and many others. Apparently, Roman Reigns would not have wasted time outside the WWE scenes, immediately making a large and showy tattoo on his back, which was missing during his last commitments in the rings in WWE and apparently also going to a dentist to upset his unmistakable smile, which apparently, in his latest video appearances, appears to be decidedly "bigger", white and dazzling, as it has never been during the career of the boy from Pensacola.

News on Roman Reigns

As noted by several fans during the last appearances in videos and photos of the WWE athlete currently out of the scene, it would seem that Roman Reigns has performed several sessions by some dentist, who has made significant changes and improvements to the wrestler's smile, with the teeth and mouth of the former WWE Champion that would now look brighter and brighter than ever.

We do not know if WWE has anything to do with this "restoration" work on the teeth of the former champion of Raw and Smackdown, what is certain is that now Roman Reigns definitely has a much more photogenic smile for TV, a sign that McMahon federation will probably continue to focus strongly on the image of the wrestler, who for years has been presented as the new face of the federation, after the various John Cena and Hulk Hogan, who for years have drawn the fate of the federation on their shoulders.

You can never count out a big surprise from Vince McMahon, but it seems like he’s going to remain at home until something changes with the current coronavirus pandemic. When The Big Dog does return to his yard he could very well have a different smile.

WWE needs Roman Reigns to return, but it hasn’t happened yet. The last we heard the Big Dog wasn’t even a part of WWE’s creative conversation.