Who are RETRIBUTION members?

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Who are RETRIBUTION members?

During the last episode of Raw he made his "debut", as had already been announced the previous week by WWE, a new stable that has all the air of being really very dominant and which, consequently, could put to iron and fire the whole red show: we are in fact talking about Retribution.

The members, hooded and with a black sweatshirt on, have already done "damage" causing a blackout at the Performance Center, going to hit the generator. Many wonder who is inside this new stable, who the members are.

At the moment, net of what we read on the web, we do not know with absolute certainty who the wrestlers who are part of it are, however Sportskeeda has had the opportunity to propose five that surely would have a reason to enter it: some of these have actually left some "clues" on the way.

‘WWE.com has learned that the faction behind the attack is calling themselves RETRIBUTION. The first name is certainly the most popular one since it has removed any other post and reference to its past on Twitter: we are talking about Dominik Dijakovic, who simply wrote that "he will rise from his ashes" as if he were a phoenix.

Who are RETRIBUTION members?

The boy, who did very well at NXT, had already been announced for some time as one of the eligible wrestlers promoted to the Main Roster: this could be a good opportunity, perhaps with a change of gimmick, at least partial.

The second profile could be that of Samoa Joe, who has been away for a long time because of an injury and has long been "relegated" to the role of commentator (who seems to be particularly appreciated on the upper floors).

After solving his physical troubles, however, the Samoan could be the perfect leader of the RETRIBUTION since he could charismatically guide some of the younger members mentioned above so that their on-screen debut (or re-entry) is as easy as possible.

The third hypothesis, again for the same speech, could be Dolph Ziggler. After the defeat with Drew McIntyre, WWE's plans towards him seem to be unclear (or maybe there aren't even). In the last episode we saw him a few minutes at Raw Underground easily defeating a jobber, however even for him this could be-yet another- rebirth that would guarantee the federation a wrestler of sure reliance to lead the group.

The fourth name is that of Mustafa Ali who, after being shelved in the storyline of the SmackDown hacker, is still looking for his own space inside the Main Roster. For him the projects do not seem to be there and certainly Retribution could be a way to best characterize his character giving him a new shade that is certainly intriguing and different from the usual.

The fifth and last hypothesis is certainly the most imaginative and, objectively, unlikely: the return of Rusev. After the farewell to WWE, in fact, "Miro" has not yet made his debut in other federations, including AEW, and it is not to be excluded, even if it is unlikely given the situation that had arisen in the last months of his stay, that there is a return to Stamford on a permanent basis.

At the same time, however, a change of gimmick and serious plans for the stable could have made him change his mind: will it really be so? Only time will tell.