Status of women competing on WWE Raw Underground

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Status of women competing on WWE Raw Underground

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE undertook the effort to present as much news as possible on its flagship show, thus trying to get as much as possible the TV ratings that have been falling for months, with the various netwoks that broadcast the weekly shows of the federation on American TV, that is USA Network and FOX, who would be furious and unhappy with the results achieved by McMahon.

One of these many novelties seen at Raw last Monday, responds to the name of Raw Underground and is a brand new project presented directly by Shane McMahon in a basement of the Orlando Performance Center, where several of the WWE athletes come to have hand-to-hand matches without no type of rule, with the referees of the federation who do not even wear the official uniform and with a ring without even the side ropes.

In fact, everything seems to be a gym where illegal encounters take place, just as seen in various American films such as Fight Club.

Status of women competing on WWE Raw Underground

After the emergence of the rumors that would also like a belt at stake in the new concept of Shane McMahon, it would seem that other news are coming to Raw Underground, with only the men who for the moment have been part of the "illegal" show offered by WWE , but it may soon be no longer alone.

Among the many athletes of the federation who have already booked a match in the black ring on Monday evening, there are in fact Liv Morgan and Aliyah, as well as Renee Young and Bayley, who in the course of some tweets challenged each other in a illegal match in Raw Underground.

At the moment, however, to dampen the enthusiasm, a journalist from the well-known site Ringside News thought about it, who, reporting the thought of a member of the WWE creative team, wrote on the pages of the well-known overseas site that at the moment is not The management of WWE had foreseen an involvement of women in Raw Underground, with this hypothesis that it could however "happen and if it does happen it will be a last minute decision and I am sure that it will be like everything that now happens in the rings at the day of today in WWE."

Women very well could end up competing on Raw Underground. The only person who knows for sure is Vince McMahon, and there’s a chance he might not even be 100% sure about it right now.