The Rock Congratulates Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan

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The Rock Congratulates Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan

The Rock recently congratulated Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan recently. Brie Bella recently gave birth and the couple has a new baby boy now. The birth took place last weekend. The Rock and Bryan have come face to face with each other in the past.

The encounter was very short and Bryan actually wishes to face The Rock in the ring.

The Rock Congratulates Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan

The Rock is not an active professional wrestler as he is a very famous Hollywood star.

He is actually one of the highest-paid action heroes in the world. The Rock congratulated them on Twitter while responding to a challenge issued by Bryan: "I can see the writing on this wall from miles away - I'll be jobbing again in the spirit of being a girl dad [flower emoji] [laughing emoji] [muscle emoji]," Rock wrote.

"Let's do it. And congrats brother on the new arrival. We're thrilled for you, Mama B and the fam [folding hands emoji] [heart emoji]" The Rock also commented on getting in the ring with Bryan in the near future.

Although The Rock is not an active wrestler, he does make appearances on WWE TV from time to time. Bryan actually wanted to face the Rock as his daughter actually makes him listen to one of his songs. Bryan wrote, "I would love to do a match with @TheRock based solely on how many times my daughter has made me listen to "You're Welcome."

And then, of course, it's stuck in my head and I sing it all day. [monkey see emoji]," Bryan wrote. Daniel Bryan is one of the top WWE wrestlers. He has already retired twice, but he always made a comeback. Bryan got concussed many times during his WWE career.

He is still regularly checked by WWE doctors almost after every single match to make sure that his brain is working well. Bryan is also a former WWE Champion. He has also wrestled against some of WWE’s best wrestlers and he won most of his matches.

The Rock is one of the most successful WWE wrestlers of all-time. He used his WWE fame to get to the top of the wrestling world and was one of the key stars during the Attitude Era. The Rock then became a very popular action hero and has starred in many Block Buster films.

Due to his very tight schedule, he is not able to perform in WWE very often and he can’t also afford to get injured.