Karrion Kross was allegedly a 'hired murderer'

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Karrion Kross was allegedly a 'hired murderer'

Apparently, several of the WWE Superstars that we currently see engaged in the rings of the Stamford federation, before landing on these televisions, did the most disparate jobs, some to keep their studies, some to pay for wrestling training and some why instead still he didn't understand what he wanted to "grow up"

Among the many prominent wrestlers who, before landing in the McMahon company rings, did some truly absurd jobs, we find Becky Lynch, who had been a flight attendant for years or Triple H, who to support herself while still working as a wrestler in the independent federations more than 30 years ago, he made sandwiches in a pickup truck on the street.

Apparently, however, there are other wrestlers, too, who, before their arrival in the wrestling ring, did some really strange jobs, which in addition to not entering anything with discipline were also quite dangerous and immoral.

As sensationally revealed by former WWE Mexican-speaking commentator Hugo Savinovich, in his last live on Facebook, one of the main faces of NXT at the moment, Karrion Kross, before becoming a top athlete of the American independent federations, where he is only noticed by WWE a few months ago, he was actually involved in shady deals with the American mafia.

According to Hugo Savinovich, Kross is more than just a brutal fighter in the ring. He was also a legit hired murderer. Savinovich claims that Kross was a “real life mercenary” when he was in his youth as he was contracted to do “dirty jobs” for mafia groups.

Rumors on Karrion Kross

You can read a portion of what he said translated from Spanish below: “He’s a warrior, he’s an athlete that once was a hired murderer. I’m telling you: This is not ‘a making this, making that’.

No, this is the real thing. Now he’s so passionate about wrestling and he’s so in love with his girlfriend Scarlett. I love my friend, he have a great friendship. God bless him and bless his love. Love is something beautiful”.

Hugo Savinovich and Karrion Kross worked together in AAA in Mexico. Savinovich also stated that he was helping him with his creative ideas and NXT character because he felt like WWE might have been the wrong way for him to go.

It will be interesting to see if Kross addresses these claims as Hugo said he will have an interview with him soon, to discuss his "hard real life" and how he went from "a real life mercenary to become the face of NXT." As noted above, Savinovich has made several claims on social media in the past.