There were problems at the WWE SmackDown tapings

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There were problems at the WWE SmackDown tapings

That it is not a simple period in WWE has long been known, but problems for the federation of Vince McMahon are on the agenda. In addition to the well-known question regarding the choice of the location of SummerSlam, now an eternal problem given the health emergency in the United States, problems have emerged regarding the latest recordings of Friday Night SmackDown.

The federation ran into a problem and failed to record two episodes of the blue show one after the other as the programs predicted, but only recorded one. The reasons for this choice are not known, but the federation was unable to record both episodes.

Before each show the athletes must swab and only once they have ascertained their negativity can they participate in the event, now it is not clear if there were any complications inherent to the virus, but WWE was unable to register the second event.

There were problems at the WWE SmackDown tapings

During the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio reporter Dave Meltzer revealed: "Here's what happened yesterday. I don't know if anything related to the test happened or not, but some key characters of the show were not available and the show was destroyed, a bit like what happened recently on Raw.

So on Monday night they decided to record only one episode for Friday, they couldn't do anything else and now the Smackdown wrestlers will have to record again on August 13th in order not to lose a week of programming.

However, WWE did not specify what was the real reason that prevented the federation from making two episodes of the blue mark. Even now, on the 13th, both WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown recordings will be made together, yet another testimony of a situation in WWE that is anything but simple."

The problems of the WWE are now on the agenda and according to sources close to the WWE some wrestlers blame all these problems on Vince McMahon, no longer considered to be as good as in the past. Meltzer added that they will be taping NXT on Wednesday on 8/12.

On 8/13 they will tape the 8/14 episode of SmackDown and the 8/17 episode of Raw. They also have a show to tape for the 8/21 SmackDown but it’s unknown at this time when that show will be taped. The 8/21 SmackDown was originally supposed to be taped on 8/17 along with Raw but that has been changed.