Mustafa Ali on WWE frustrations

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Mustafa Ali on WWE frustrations

In the latest episode of WWE The Bump, wrestler Mustafa Ali appeared. The Pakistani-born fighter, who recently re-entered the WWE world, talked about different topics and how he spent his time away from television. Mustafa Ali had not been used on TV since last January, many fans thought that he was the famous hacker who appeared in the federation in recent months, a plot later canceled by WWE without any real explanation.

The Chicago wrestler recently appeared on Raw where he had intervened in the feud between Ricochet and Cedric Alexander against Hurt Business and was involved in a 3 vs 3 match where in the final, he managed to pin MVP. After that episode Mustafa has returned to oblivion and has been working on WWE Main Event recordings for the past week.

Mustafa Ali on WWE frustrations

Ali explained how he tries to stay in a state of readiness and preparedness. That way, should an opportunity present itself, he would be able to “hit a home run”. However, for that to happen, he acknowledged he needs to be “called up to bat”.

“That is not me complaining at all. The thing that I am craving for, the thing that I am asking for, the thing that I want, is to tell a story. I could sit here and tell everybody, I have not had that opportunity yet”.

Mustafa Ali addressed how taking time off can be challenging, especially when it isn’t your choice. He argued how he would view his time away differently had he been injured. Ali stressed how his comments don’t come from a place of anger.

Instead, it’s because he is so passionate about wrestling and performing. Ali tapped out one week later on Raw when he was caught in Bobby Lashley’s masterlock full nelson. It’s not a good sign for a babyface to tap out so quickly after returning, but it’s not the end of the world considering Lashley is in the middle of a big push.

But things got worse for Ali this week. He didn’t even make it onto the three hour episode of Monday Night Raw. He instead competed against Riddick Moss on Main Event. And Riddick Moss beat him. This sounds to me like cover for someone who was just recently throwing molotov cocktails at a generator at the WWE Performance Center. That angle will surely be talked about for, well, at least days to come.