Roman Reigns pushed to work with released superstars

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Roman Reigns pushed to work with released superstars

One of the most important WWE Superstars to be absent from the Stamford-based federation scene at the moment, is certainly former WWE Champion and face of the company, Roman Reigns, who in one of the latest revelations of the former Revival, turned out to be a huge supporter of the team currently in the rings of the AEW.

After the huge challenges won in the WWE rings and after the huge storylines in which the Big Dog of Smackdown has been inserted in the last years of federation, the cousin of The Rock has preferred to stay home for the big problems caused by the world pandemic that arose for the famous virus that has also brought the world of wrestling to its knees, as well as many other world sectors.

The main problem that led Roman to absent himself from the McMahon rings, was in fact his famous leukemia, which forced the former world champion of the federation to close at home, in order not to risk catching the virus in a condition like his could have been devastating, with the birth of his two last twins, which would have done nothing but make a contagion within the family even more dangerous.

Roman Reigns pushed to work with released superstars

According to what was revealed by the FTR, tag team currently in force at AEW, who once answered the name of Revival in WWE, to the microphones of the Fightful site, Roman Reigns was in fact one of the leading characters of the WWE to have insisted most with the management.

of WWE to work with them. The cousin of The Rock, in fact, was one of the many top wrestlers, together with Randy Orton, the Usos, the New Day, Bray Wyatt and many others, who absolutely wanted to work with one of their favorite teams in WWE.

Even Orton himself asked for the help of the two boys to prepare for his match against Backlash's Edge, despite the two had already been released from WWE months earlier. Among the many things, in the end the two young ex-couple champions of all WWE roster have in fact also revealed that: "It was only thanks to Randy Orton that our FTRKO lasted so long and when the management saw that his push was not working for us they put the last nail in our coffin and we finally decided to leave WWE"

In practice, despite the great consideration of colleagues, including some really important and prominent of the WWE card, Vince McMahon did not find the way to value and keep the two boys engaged in their rings, with the AEW which was ultimately found to be the only happy destination for the two, who currently seem reborn both in the ring and on the microphone.