Booker T reveals why he decided to leave WWE in 2007

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Booker T reveals why he decided to leave WWE in 2007

In WWE, Booker T won the World Heavyweight Championship once, the Intercontinental Championship once, the United States Championship three times, the Hardcore Championship twice and the World Tag Team Championship three times; he was also the winner of the seventeenth edition of the King of the Ring (2006) and the eighth wrestler in the history of the federation to have completed the Grand Slam (original format).

In 2013 he was inducted into the Hall of Fame as a single wrestler, while in 2019 as part of Harlem Heat along with his brother Stevie Ray. On a recent edition of The Hall of Fame, Booker T discussed why he decided to leave WWE in October of 2007.

Booker T on leaving WWE in 2007

“It was a pressure cooker being in that situation, having to go out there and perform at that level each and every night. It was no nights off, I was working at the beginning of the show, and I was working in the main event, as well as I was working the dark match which was the advertised main event just for that town, for that city, and I tell you, I was so tired.

At the end of that run, I was just like, man, please, somebody just beat me. MVP walked by me and I was asleep on one of the crates one day because I was just so tired. He woke me up and said, ‘Book, you OK?’ And I said, ‘Yeah.’ He just walked off because he understood the situation I was in" - Booker T told.

“We had lost Eddie, and when we lost Eddie, that was huge for me because Eddie was a really good friend, we’ve had a lot of good memories together, unspoken memories that none of the boys know about, which is Eddie and I and Sharmell, it was that kind of relationship.

And then the Benoit situation, that was another guy, him and I had a really close bond, and then that happened, and for me not to know why, it shook me, it really shook me. Then I started thinking about life, I really started thinking about life.

More than anything, I started thinking about my wife. My wife and I, we were trying to have kids at that time too, and we couldn’t have kids due to a situation and then, I don’t know if it was stress or whatnot, but soon as we left the company, we got pregnant" - he added.