Update on plans for the WWE Draft

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Update on plans for the WWE Draft

The plans for WWE Draft, as we know, are subject to continuous variations based on a very high number of factors and causes. This year, thanks to the global pandemic, perhaps even more than usual. Some fans, in fact, have wondered when - and if - the 2020 Draft will take place since, as we have been able to ascertain, after WrestleMania it did not happen, as usual.

According to what has been reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the plans of the Stamford-based wrestling federation, at least at the beginning, had foreseen that this "Shake-Up" should have taken place in August, but at the moment the ideas seem to have changed.

The reason is obvious: if it happened this month, in fact, the plans for SummerSlam, already changed several times not by the strict will of the federation, would have a further shock: in short, we would have to do it all over again, rewriting the storyline and planning everything again.

another time. When will this Draft happen, which, for all wrestling fans, still represents an always exciting moment and which aims to shuffle the cards on the table. Now there seems to be a new official date: that's when it could happen according to Dave Meltzer.

Update on plans for the WWE Draft

According to what was reported by the well-known wrestling expert, at the moment the WWE has in mind to do it in October 2020, perhaps in the hope that the public is already in the arena and can cheer for their favorites, perhaps remaining open-mouthed for some particularly exchange interesting for the future.

It is not yet clear if this date will be confirmed, since the plans of Vince McMahon as we know are subject to continuous variations, however it cannot be excluded that we can opt for this choice, in a period that, at least on paper, is far away.

from very important PPVs that in themselves tend to create a lot of hype in the hearts and souls of all fans of the discipline. In short, it seems to understand that the projects are really changing: for all lovers of this segment, that is the Draft in which the Raw, SmackDown and NXT roster will exchange some wrestlers, we recommend to hold on for a few more months.

Everything, today more than ever, can happen. As of now, the plan is for the WWE Draft to happen in October but, like most things in WWE, that could change. If the Raw Underground concept works and ratings begin to go up then WWE won’t have as much pressure to do a Draft so soon. Draft shows typically do better in the ratings for that week.