WWE might have stolen Raw Underground idea

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WWE might have stolen Raw Underground idea

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw, Shane McMahon, eldest son of WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon, returned to the ring after months of absence on the ring of the federation's red show to present a whole new format , in which several of the athletes of the family company compete in some illegal matches in a basement of the Performance Center, where a referee without an official federation uniform holds matches in a black and stringless ring, all obviously with no holds barred or disqualifications.

Apparently, after the great success of the new format invented by the WWE, the first controversies around the McMahons and the new Raw concept would have already started, with several insiders who would have accused the WWE of stealing the idea of this new way of wrestling from an independent US company.

Apparently, according to what was reported by the well-known overseas site Wrestling Observer, there would be an independent American federation, which has been staging a format very similar to Raw Undreground for several months already, with the Sanctuary Fight Club of the Detroit area.

who would play matches in a dark and black room just like Raw Underground, complete with strippers and a completely dark ring, with the square that is however surrounded by ropes unlike the one used by WWE. In addition to the very similar setting, several weeks ago, the Detroit federation had also played several matches in a bar, just like the one between Jeff Hardy and Sheamus from just a few episodes ago of Smackdown.

WWE might have stolen Raw Underground idea

The motto of the Sanctuary Fight Club, moreover, would be strangely just "Join the Raw Underground", with the reference to the underground that would almost be phoned to the new concept of the red show of the McMahon federation.

At the moment, however, we do not know for sure if WWE has actually copied the idea of ​​its new product of the red show from the American independent federation, the certain thing is that however the idea of ​​Shane is very similar to that had by the creators of the company independent many months earlier, which is also very similar to Lucha Underground, another American independent company that for a few years has seen several great athletes compete on a very popular TV in America, with the same Rey Mysterio of WWE and many others athletes now in the service of the McMahons, who took part in the project for several months.

Wrestlers such as Jake Something, Rohit Raju and Tyson Dux were working there when it closed down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was also reported that Davey Boy Smith, Jr spoke to Shane McMahon about this same type of an idea following SummerSlam last year.