Stephanie McMahon announces WWE's triple brand Battle Royal

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Stephanie McMahon announces WWE's triple brand Battle Royal

WWE is trying in every way to gain support within its TV following, with Raw and Smackdown trying to fire as many cartridges as possible in every part of the weekly events card, so as to create original situations never seen in the rings.

of the McMahon federation, with the most disparate surprises that have already been staged during the last two weeks of the federation's programming, on the television screens of USA Network and FOX. Apparently, in fact, the two television stations that are broadcasting all the main programming of the WWE every week and therefore USA Network with Monday Night Raw and NXT and FOX with Friday Night Smackdown, would have shown all their dissent towards the the collapse of the ratings in recent months, with several bad messages that would have reached the management of the Stamford federation, with Vince McMahon who is now said to be quite worried about the future of the product offered by the family company.

To stay on the subject of news and surprises, this night at Smackdown Stephanie McMahon, daughter of the WWE Chairman, made another appearance. The younger McMahon tried to restore some order in the women's section of the blue show, after what happened in recent weeks, with the daughter of the patron of the company who had already intervened a few weeks ago also in the diatribe between Asuka and Sasha Banks, with the latter having controversially won the title of the Japanese at Extreme Rules, with a victory that was not recognized by the federation.

During the last episode of the blue show, however, Stephanie McMahon wanted to announce an interbrand match in which athletes from all three main WWE rosters and then Smackdown, Raw and NXT will take part, to find the new n°1 contender for the title Smackdown currently held by Bayley.

Stephanie McMahon makes huge announcement

At the moment Stephanie McMahon hasn't announced any names yet, but that battle royal match will air next week and will see several female athletes from all three rosters battle it out for a titled opportunity that will have the winner in the next WWE Big Four: Summerslam.

As for Bayley's opponent, that's anyone's guess. McMahon did say that some of the SmackDown Women's Champ's old enemies would be involved, so it's likely there will be a mix of names such as Naomi, Lacey Evans, Tamina, The IIconics, Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross, Tegan Nox and the like.

Naturally, 'The Golden Role Models' feigned shock after hearing Stephanie's announcement. The slight downside to all of this is that Bayley's next rival will be another placeholder. That's been a recurring problem throughout her reign as champion. WWE are blatantly spinning their wheels until they feel the time is right to book that Bayley vs. Sasha feud.