*Spoiler* RETRIBUTION debuts in major main event angle on SmackDown

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*Spoiler* RETRIBUTION debuts in major main event angle on SmackDown

The latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown, which aired this night on the US channel FOX, gave WWE Universe fans many new surprises, just like the episode of Monday Night Raw that aired just four days earlier. The most sensational segment of Friday evening, however, had nothing to do with Raw Underground or with matches held in a basement, but instead saw a real invasion on the rings of the blue show, which has not been seen for years, which reminded fans of the sensational debut of the Nexus a decade ago in the red show ring, with John Cena who was immediately targeted by the stable led by Wade Barrett, with whom he immediately entered into a feud.

Shortly before the show's finale, in fact, the members of the new stable RETRIBUTION appeared out of nowhere and promised to put the entire WWE on fire, that is, the masked athletes already seen on Raw in an arson attack, with Retribution who has also brought chaos to the Smackdown rings, destroying the square in the center of the arena and also attacking NXT athletes in the audience.

After the quick entry into the ring, in fact, the mysterious hooded athletes would have literally destroyed the entire ring, taking out steel clubs and even a chainsaw, cutting ropes and the ring carpet.

The new RETRIBUTION faction made a big debut to end SmackDown

After dedicating themselves to the ring, the Retribution athletes also thought of the plexiglass panels that divide the ring from the audience, smearing it with spray paint cans and finally they also physically attacked the NXT audience in the room, just to please, putting in escape many of them and attacking Smackdown's comment table as well.

We do not know at the moment what these mysterious characters want to achieve with these attacks with which they literally put the two main WWE shows on fire, but apparently, these segments will continue to air in the near future, until someone.

WWE locker room will not rebel. After a week of by-design technical difficulties on main roster programming, WWE paid off its tease of a mystery stable as various masked individuals in black hoodies toting chainsaws assaulted members of WWE personnel.

From using spraypaint for vandalism to vigilantes dressed in black, RETRIBUTION came off as a retread sure to fail in an administration that betrays its new ideas like their characters in a Greek tragedy. WWE previously announced a new stable was set to “cause chaos and shake up the organization's structure” this past Monday on Raw, but what amounted was a series of technical errors and footage of a radical group throwing a Molotov Cocktail at a power generator.