Seth Rollins Comments on RAW Underground

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Seth Rollins Comments on RAW Underground

Popular WWE Star and former WWE Universal Champion, Seth Rollins recently spoke about RAW Underground. RAW Underground is a new segment that takes place on RAW. It is inspired heavily by old-school shoot wrestling. It is also somewhat like a live-action film.

It is definitely one of the most interesting products that WWE has come up with over the past few years. It made its debut this past week. It appears to actually boost rankings.

Seth Rollins on WWE Underground

"It is something out-of-the-box, and our audiences are always begging for something fresh and different," Rollins told The Gorilla Podcast in an interview.

"My verdict is TBD, let us what happens. It might end up being ridiculous in a good or bad way. Who knows?" RAW saw a boost in ratings this week, which is most likely due to this new segment. More viewers tuned in to watch the show.

"Obviously, it worked in the first week since we saw a bump in viewership. Now, can we keep the ball rolling? Let's see. I had no idea what to expect when I first saw it (Raw Underground) mentioned on the sheet. "When I watched it back, I wasn't entirely offended by it, especially since it's a brand new idea.

I want to see what it turns into down the road. It is 2020 and anything can happen. Obviously, we are all hoping for the best," stressed Rollins. Rollins then gave an update on Becky Lynch. Lynch is expecting her first child and that is the reason why she is no longer taking part in wrestling matches.

Lynch is Rollins’ fiance. Her last appearance was during an episode that took place after Money in the Bank PPV. "It has been a big change for her, to go from 100 miles per hour to zero, trying to find new goals and focus.

You could say, 'well her focus is on being a mom.' But, when you get a kid in there, all you're doing is keeping it alive, ensuring that everything looks good. There isn't much work to do from her side. "We are halfway through this pregnancy, and when things get back to normal, and we do live events, we will have a new carry-on piece of luggage.

That will be interesting," stated Rollins. Seth Rollins is one of WWE’s top superstars. He is working as a heel after spending a long amount of time as a babyface and wrestled some top heels during that period.