*Spoiler* No sign of RETRIBUTION on WWE 205 Live

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*Spoiler* No sign of RETRIBUTION on WWE 205 Live

In the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown aired in the night, as always broadcast in the United States by the sports broadcaster FOX, the much talked about stable RETRIBUTION, already seen during a segment on Monday Night Raw just a few days ago, with the mysterious hooded athletes who attacked an electric group of the Performance Center with firebombs.

This night, however, the complete stable stormed the Smackdown ring, just before the end of the evening, literally destroying everything it encountered, starting from the ropes of the ring, then smearing the plexiglass that divides the audience from the apron ring, the same square of the wrestlers and finally KO the NXT athletes in the audience and attacking the show commentary table.

The problem that many WWE Universe fans would have encountered after this attack in the Smackdown main event, however, would be to be found in the airing of 205 Live, which is the show dedicated to lightweights that always airs after the blue show of the company.

and that according to the same federation it should also follow the WWE blue event chronologically.

No sign of RETRIBUTION on WWE 205 Live

As soon as the lights went out on Smackdown, WWE has in fact aired its new episode of 205 Live, where no sign of RETRIBUTION's attack was however present neither in the ring, nor on the plexiglass panels, nor on the public.

Obviously, the solution to this mystery would now be under everyone's eyes, with WWE usually recording its events in advance, and then broadcasting them even weeks later, but on an ongoing basis, this error seems to be a sensational gaffe, with fans who continued to follow WWE programs after the Smackdown attack found themselves a little surprised to see a ring in perfect condition, when in reality 205 Live was supposed to air right after the sensational chaos of Friday Night Smackdown, complete with severed ropes and smeared walls.

Speaking of RETRIBUTION's invasion of SmackDown, WWE 205 Live took place at the Performance Center shortly after, and it looked like nothing had previously happened. The ring was back in order and matches took place as per usual.

The new faction cut the ring ropes off with a chainsaw, and they painted all over the hockey boards and ring apron. When 205 Live started it appeared like that attack never happened. Obviously, WWE filmed those shows out of order, but not one mention was made in the opening of the broadcast to explain their sudden clean up efforts.