*Spoiler* Bianca Belair attacks Zelina Vega at home

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*Spoiler* Bianca Belair attacks Zelina Vega at home

Many times, WWE storylines enter environments and circumstances that fans would not even dream of, staging some literally surprising details or settings, which often also enter the private sphere of the direct protagonists of the WWE rings.

In fact, throughout the history of the federation, Vince McMahon and his associates have used the best (but also the worst) tricks, in order to make people talk about the product offered by the WWE, going to interrupt the funeral, in which someone stole the coffin complete with body inside or by having an athlete attack by his enemy of the time, right at his home.

Triple H's attack on Randy Orton's house (which was actually his home only according to the storyline) is also well known in this case, in which the Cerebral Assassin destroyed the entire living room, throwing the Legend Killer out the window.

and messing up half the house, with a sledghammer who was the master in that case. In the last episode we witnessed in a setting very far from the WWE rings and costumes, is precisely a private home, where the manager of Andrade and Angel Garza, the beautiful Zelina Vega, was attacked right in her house by the Montez Ford's partner, Bianca Belair, after Raw's duo champion was poisoned during last week's episode of Monday Night Raw.

This sensational attack was perpetrated against the Raw manager during her last interview released to Kayla Braxton's microphones on Twitch,

Bianca Belair attacks Zelina Vega at home

The chat was abruptly interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Bianca Belair, who went straight to the point, jumping on the enemy on the sofa at home.

With a literally speechless Kayla Braxton, the interview with Zelina Vega ended, who will most likely continue now to carry on the feud with Belair and with the Raw couple champions, which at this point has already risen to another level, much more personal.

Suddenly, Bianca Belair jumped into the frame and tackled Zelina Vega. The two then brawled in Vega’s living room while Braxton remained powerless to maintain control of the interview. The other line eventually went totally radio silent as Kayla Braxton was left asking if anyone was there.

It looks like their interview was prematurely ended. WWE hinted at some heat between Bianca Belair and Zelina Vega on RAW this week. Hopefully, this was something for the storyline and not just them doing a little bit on their own.