Is CM Punk the leader of WWE Retribution?

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Is CM Punk the leader of WWE Retribution?

The sensational closing of the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, left the fans of the WWE Universe from home literally speechless, with the members of the RETRIBUTION stable, who made their sensational and unexpected attack on the rings and the arena of Performance Center, turning the entire ringside upside down, with ropes cut, walls smeared and audience members kicked.

If some of the identities of the female members of the team seem to have already been partially discovered, it is still not clear who is at the head of the team, if there is one, with WWE simply airing the attacks, both at Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, without adding anything to the stable, neither a press release, nor a message on the microphone.

As reported in the last few hours by the well-known overseas site Ringside News, there would have been a lot of talk in the last few days of the fact that the Second City Savior of Chicago, could sensationally return to be part of the WWE programming also as a performer, after the cancellation.

of WWE Backstage and after the partial reopening by Vince McMahon to him. According to the well-known American site, however, this hypothesis would be very remote if not almost impossible, with CM Punk who is said to have not reached any agreement with the Stamford company, and is neither looking for it at the moment.

As reported to the site by an internal member of the WWE creative team, RETRIBUTION is by no means a vehicle to bring Punk back to the WWE rings, although such a return has never been so close and possible in recent years.

More details of the RETRIBUTION faction and the participation of CM Punk

Apparently, the most sensational part of it came when the WWE insider revealed to the site that there would be no idea behind the Raw and Smackdown attacks, with the RETRIBUTION stable being one of many ideas.

"thrown on the wall" by WWE, just to see how the fans would react and that the members of the stable could easily change, so that those who have already taken part in the segments of this week's show, could soon be replaced by someone else.

Rumors about CM Punk being the one behind Retribution are not correct. A member of the writing team with knowledge of the situation confirmed that WWE has no plans for this to be the vehicle for the Second City Savior’s return.

We were given an exact statement that also turned into a question: “this Retribution thing is a catastrophe so far, isn’t it?” The term “no direction” was used multiple times throughout our conversation.

It would be nice to imagine that Vince McMahon has a long-term plan for Retribution. An invading army of masked figures has a lot of potential. That is not the case this time in WWE.