*Spoiler* Randy Orton to destroy Ric Flair on Raw?

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*Spoiler* Randy Orton to destroy Ric Flair on Raw?

They have met for a few weeks and already they could say goodbye during the next episode of Raw which will air on the Italian night: does WWE already intend to separate Randy Orton and Ric Flair? The reasons, unfortunately, are not purely to be found in in-ring reasons, but far from the square.

According to what Ringsidenews reports, in fact, the Stamford company seems to want to set up an angle that will certainly not appeal to all fans of the federation but which, at the same time, would almost totally erase the health risks of all the federation's athletes.

As we know, in fact, unfortunately during the global pandemic that brought Italy and the United States to their knees, the companion of the Nature Boy was found positive and, consequently, he too was quarantined. In America, the situation does not seem to have significant improvements and, for this reason, Vince McMahon does not seem to want to take any further risks, given that in recent days a date for the resumption of live shows had already been hypothesized (today, instead, as we know, they are still registered).

The partnership between Ric Flair and Randy Orton won’t reportedly go on for long as WWE has already teased a split. On a recent episode of Raw, Orton mentioned how Flair is “family” to him. It would be a shame if he wishes to jeopardize the bond they have in common.

It was a hint that the Legend Killer had his target set for another name once he’s done taking out Big Show, next week.

Randy Orton to destroy Ric Flair on Raw?

In short, at the moment everything is still uncertain, but this possible spoiler seems to highlight a new facet of the Legend Killer which, in reality, is not so new: "Mister RKO" wants to walk alone and is ready to bring a another legend of the past and what better way to do it than that of Charlotte's father who in recent months had decided to provide him with a support, a shoulder, in a sort of "manager"

In short, this mini-reunion of Evolution seems to have a short life. In the WWE's plans for Raw, this new/old alliance shouldn't have had a very long life, but then the pandemic further complicated the plans by shortening even more, if possible, this alliance.

We'll see how Randy Orton ends this bond: fans, especially longtime ones, may not be very happy with this separation, but the company now seems to have decided. Besides, Ric Flair has been wanting to get physical in a WWE ring, since last year.

The company didn’t want to take any risk after he went through a number of surgeries in the past. There have been controversies about Flair attending the Performance Center amid Coronavirus outbreak. But he recently made a remark affirming that visiting the PC is much safer than going to the grocery stores.