Update on behind-the-scenes chaos at WWE tapings

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Update on behind-the-scenes chaos at WWE tapings

Not only Raw Underground and the Retribution threat: on the WWE main roster there is someone much better known who has been sowing terror and destruction for months and who should somehow write a new stage in this very aggressive phase of his career, and will do next Monday on Raw.

This is Randy Orton, who according to what he bounces from America will be the protagonist of a segment that will sanction once and for all the disappearance from the Stamford television programs of one of the most legendary characters in the history not only of WWE, but of the entire wrestling: Ric Flair.

This is explained by Dave Meltzer, who on his 'Wrestling Observer Radio' reported that the project had been studied by WWE for several weeks. However, it was decided to postpone it for reasons of caution, due to the fact that the Nature Boy's wife, Wendy Barlow, was recently found positive for the swab, thus making it more prudent for everyone's health to postpone the historic segment.

Update on behind-the-scenes chaos at WWE tapings

In that episode of Raw it was therefore decided to resort to Big Show, which in fact faced Randy Orton in his rediscovered role as Legend Killer. In the meantime, however, the time has come, so much so that the moment that will sanction Ric Flair's exit from the WWE would have already been filmed and is therefore ready.

Dave Meltzer has however specified that he is not in possession of further details regarding how and why Ric Flair will be ousted from the storylines of Raw and WWE: "They have already filmed everything, so Ric Flair is present and I assume that the segment in question is also has already been filmed and is ready to air.

Unless they have decided to change their plans in the meantime. But the latest news I heard was that the angle on Flair was definitely still on the show and that Randy Orton will play a part in all of this." So that everything is ready to write the word "end" on Ric Flair's decades-long career in wrestling and his almost thirty years of experience in WWE? All that remains is to wait for Monday night to find out.

Vince reportedly saw potential in the two talents from the women’s roster on the WWE main roster based on their recent performances on television in what he feels is a sign of stepping up while the roster is so splintered due to the pandemic.

You know, the whole “grabbing the brass ring” thing. We will keep you posted as updates continue to surface regarding future plans for Bianca Belair, Peyton Royce, as well as any other news and rumors from behind-the-scenes at upcoming WWE television shoots.