Bruce Prichard on Shane McMahon: He will never be WWE's owner

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Bruce Prichard on Shane McMahon: He will never be WWE's owner

The executive director of Raw and SmackDown in WWE, Bruce Prichard, spoke recently on the microphones of Something to Wrestle and spoke in particular of two important characters linked to the world of WWE, namely The Rock and Shane McMahon.

Prichard talked about The Rock's choice to buy the XFL and was very happy about this decision. The Stamford-based pro-wrestling federation's executive then spoke of Shane McMahon, explaining why the WWE Chairman's son will never be the owner of the company or any other wrestling company.

Here are his statements about it: "Shane McMahon doesn't believe in wrestling and its business like his father. I think he was trying to escape for a while Shane always believed that wrestling was not a thing for him full time.

His estrangement in the past? He probably wanted to get away from business and I don't think he'll ever go back full time." Unlike Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, Shane McMahon has always been just a screen character and has no executive positions.

He recently returned to Raw to host WWE Raw Underground.

The reason for Shane McMahon's return to WWE Raw

The main reason behind the return of Shane on screen, as the one who officially announced Raw Underground, is to be found in the willingness of the federation to shake up the red show.

As often happens when the ratings are not satisfactory, Vince McMahon wanted to recall an "old glory", a safe used, in such a way that, at least the longtime fans (in his opinion) can flock to return to see the WWE.

WWE has been dealing with several fluctuations because of the pandemic. The federation has had to show the exit door to several wrestlers and it has also been forced to relocate its matches to its Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

The hype about his return, moreover, has been a lot, at least on the company's social channels. At the moment, however, as we have seen, we are not able to hypothesize what the medium or long-term plans are for him. We will see if in the coming weeks more space will be given to Shane McMahon's figure or if everything will be canceled in a short time.