Former WWE star: WWE offered "astronomical offers" to wrestlers to not join AEW

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Former WWE star: WWE offered "astronomical offers" to wrestlers to not join AEW

That there is no good blood between WWE and AEW is normal and has been well established for some time, with the two most famous pro-wrestling companies in America, waging war every Wednesday night, one broadcasting NXT and the other by broadcasting its Dynamite, which, albeit on two different channels, still go on air at the same time, waging a war of ratings for more than a year now.

During this particular period of the pandemic, WWE has also faced the issue of releases, with several of its athletes and insiders, who have sadly been sacked by the Stamford company for economic problems resulting from the lack of live events and paying public within the weekly shows and ppv.

Among them, there was also former WWE tag team champion Brian Myers, who was called Curt Hawkins in the McMahon-owned rings, who in one of his latest interviews on David Penzer's "Sitting Ringside" podcast broke up.

go to some very interesting revelations about the WWE modus operandi, in this period of academia.

Curt Hawkins reveals WWE offers not to send his wrestlers to AEW

Speaking to the American podcast, the former Edgeheads, in fact, revealed that:

"Proposing an idea to the WWE creative team to be approved is close to impossible.

There are a lot of cooks in the kitchen, and it's so hard to get new ingredients in. You have to establish a real collaboration with Vince himself to get to ask for something like that, because otherwise you have at least 12 other people in front of you that you have to climb over before you get to the Chairman.

It is truly a waste of time for everyone. I heard a recent interview from Eric Young who says it's a system with huge flaws and I think there's no better way to describe it," he said. Regarding the monetary incentive given, Hawkins said, "Yes, they were astronomical.

Once one of us said no to one of these offers and the amount doubled. Nobody imagined it could happen. It really was too good to be true. It was more money than I ever imagined taking a job in this business. The great thing was the contract years offered for that amount.

All of them had a new contract of at least five years. The kids started calling these deals, contracts a la 'Please don't go to work at AEW.' I was convinced that I, too, was in an iron barrel. I liked that situation.

I was ready to do something more in the ring as well. I was much more than happy to sign such a thing." As unfortunately happened, Myers was fired from WWE in April, along with several other colleagues who unfortunately suffered the same fate.

Rusev, Kurt Angle, Heath Slater and many others are now following paths different from those they imagined on WWE televisions.