Indie star Jeff Cobb says WWE contacted him to join federation

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Indie star Jeff Cobb says WWE contacted him to join federation

The Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in recent years has adopted, as we know, a rather clear strategy, at least until a few months ago: try to put the best indies stars under contract in order to "steal" them from the competition as well as their points of reference, in such a way so as to bring even the most skeptical fans to their side, building a potentially incredible roster.

The results of this policy of the company, however, have not always had the desired results, with dozens of potentially phenomenal wrestlers relegated to the lower parts of the card or almost completely disappeared. There are those, however, despite the millions of Vince McMahon, who decided to refuse despite being contacted several times: we are in fact talking about Jeff Cobb, a real star of the independent wrestling scene.

Here are his words about the interest and the consequent approach of the Stamford federation towards him: everything, however, did not go exactly as desired by the top management of the company, to put it mildly.

Jeff Cobb confesses: WWE contacted me

According to what he told Fightful, Cobb is said to have had contacts with WWE.

It is undeniable, as he himself confessed, that this interest pleased him but then, as we have seen, these contacts did not trigger, so to speak, the spark that could lead to the signing of the contract. It all seems to have happened when he was a free agent, but then in February 2020 he appeared in AEW attacking John Moxley and joining the Inner Circle.

At the same time, however, Jeff Cobb is also under contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) and Ring of Honor (ROH), which is why it is unlikely, at least for the next few times, that he will have the opportunity to become part of the huge WWE roster.

It is not yet clear, however, Ringsidenews points out, what kind of agreement the fighter has in place with these federations even if the previous one with ROH was something similar to a token contract (albeit presumably very substantial) that was in fact extended show after show according to the needs of the federation and its calendar commitments.