Monday Night Raw: Randy Orton's Ric Flair attack was a delayed storyline

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Monday Night Raw: Randy Orton's Ric Flair attack was a delayed storyline

The latest episode of Monday Night Raw, which aired a couple of days ago, ended with a sensational and brutal attack by Randy Orton on the company's Nature Boy, Ric Flair. In fact, during the closing segment of the WWE flagship show, The Viper first took the company's two-time Hall of Famer badly, then hugged him and finally hit him with a low blow and then a Punt Kick, while the arena of the company's Performance Center in Orlando, Florida where the event was held suffered a few blackouts that caused the arena to be without lights for some time before lights returned to brighten the WWE Performance Center with light again.

Apparently, the implementation of this angle had already been planned for a few weeks, with Vince McMahon who would, however, have postponed the plans for this segment for several votes, up to the last bit of the red show.

Randy Orton's attack on Ric Flair had been postponed for a week

According to what was reported by the always ready Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, in fact, this angle was about to be recorded and broadcast at least a week ago by the WWE, but the Chairman himself would have changed his mind, due to the multitude of things that had already been developed.

for the last episode of the red show, with the well-known Observer reporter who, in fact, stated:

"This angle, however, that Ric Flair saw in this segment, was scheduled to go on stage at least a week earlier. It was that weekend where Vince rewrote Raw at least eight times and there should have been two angles on the show - one of them with Randy Orton hitting Ric Flair.

By the end of the show, they had already recorded one segment which was then aired the same evening and the other was recorded for the following week." In practice, the climate of chaos that reigns at the moment in the WWE backstage, would also affect the company's flagship storylines, with the feud that is currently keeping Randy Orton busy and the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, who is said to be subject to changes in the race, precisely like all of the company's other plans, with Chairman Vince McMahon continuing to make all of his employees work overtime in search of the perfect show every week.