Shane McMahon welcomed to bloodsport event to help Raw Underground

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Shane McMahon welcomed to bloodsport event to help Raw Underground

Raw Underground continues to be one of the most talked about news of the WWE red show in these days of early August, and even this Monday night's episode of Raw again saw the show connect with the "clandestine" fights of which Shane McMahon the great driver appears more and more.

After all, it was he who had presented the big news to the public a week earlier, presented as an actual idea of his. But is it really so? The question is legitimate and in these days there are many fans who have asked themselves, considering what happened in the recent past (especially from 2016 to 2019, when in fact Shane McMahon was presented on TV as Commissioner of SmackDown, but really not had no executive role in WWE).

And an answer might be right in these hours, through "Sportskeeda's" Tom Colohue.

Are you enjoying RAW Underground so far?

According to what the latter has gathered, in fact, Raw Underground would actually be Shane McMahon's sack meal: the idea of ​​Raw Underground would actually come to him, and not only.

Because according to Colohue, Shane's vision is on the rise at this specific stage in history, with "people in WWE really quite excited about some of Shane's ideas lately" The feeling therefore is that in the near future we could see other scenarios, segments or storylines on stage conceived by Shane McMahon, who from this point of view has "broken the ice" with Raw Underground.

But not everyone said they were convinced that the new product could work, at least in the long term. Among them stands out a name with great experience in the world of wrestling, since in WWE he worked both as a wrestler and as a road agent: Lance Storm.

"They have created a very nice thing, with these very violent matches, which end in seconds with a lot of KOs, and the whole thing is very exciting. For me, the problem is that the style is very similar to the knockout highlights of the UFC, where there are 4-5 matches in just two minutes.

But if this thing catches on, they will surely be in big trouble because all of a sudden they will have athletes doing matches that end in 30 seconds for a KO and they will have to fill us a show with 3 hours," said the Canadian.

WWE might have also borrow the RAW Underground concept from an indie company out of Detroit. The idea for RAW Underground is different, but it is not totally original. WWE is obviously doing what they can to make it unique for their purposes.