Why WWE cancelled huge Kevin Owens feud

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Why WWE cancelled huge Kevin Owens feud

Kevin Owens is back central in the events of Raw, despite having in the last episode only a functional role to carry on a storyline that does not concern him, but others: in this case Randy Orton and Ric Flair. But, according to what is said in America, things should have gone differently: what was good news for WWE had as a consequence harmful effects on the Canadian champion.

According to reports by Dave Meltzer on the 'Wrestling Observer Radio', in fact, Kevin Owens should have returned to action on Raw (after the long absence in the first few months of a health emergency), picking up on the thread that was interrupted with his victory at WrestleMania 36 : he should have in fact resumed his feud with Seth Rollins, given that the Monday Night Messiah did not have to face any consequences after losing his fight with KO on the most important show of the year.

The expert reporter explained that these were precisely the plans of the Stamford management (perhaps also in view of SummerSlam), because somehow it was not at all taken for granted that Rey Mysterio renewed his deal with WWE while remaining on the Raw roster.

even after the summer. In the meantime, however, this has happened, prolonging the feud between Rollins and the entire Mysterio family, so much so that now it will even be Dominick to contend with the former Architect of the Shield who in the meantime has transformed into a deeply evil character.

Why WWE cancelled huge Kevin Owens feud

The new relevance that Rey and Dominick Mysterio have conquered (or regained) for themselves in WWE has consequently moved further in time (or even canceled) the plans that the creative team had for Kevin Owens, who therefore finds himself now in the position of being completely available to Raw, but with a career to be rebuilt.

A situation that paradoxically is very reminiscent (even if exactly in reverse) of what happened a year and a half ago in SmackDown, when a few weeks after his original turn face he had to temporarily return to heel to face the then WWE Champion Kofi Kingston.

This decision came due to the absence of a big hit (Daniel Bryan, who was injured), now it is instead the unexpected presence of another big player who has disrupted all the cards concerning the Prizefighter. Kevin Owens and Rollins have battled extensively in 2020.

KO defeated Seth at WrestleMania 36, outdoing him in one of the two-night event's best bouts, then reprised the rivalry a few months later, beating 'The Messiah' in a RAW singles match. Plans were abandoned soon after, however, with Rollins focusing on the Mysterios instead.