Two WWE Retribution members' identities likely revealed

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Two WWE Retribution members' identities likely revealed

In the last few weeks of TV shows, Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has done nothing but talk about Retribution, a new stable that would be sending all the company's TV tapings into total chaos, randomly attacking both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, with some raids that would be the envy of even the most organized anti-riot teams, with the athletes of the two rosters who would not be able to live quietly even in the backstage of the weekly shows.

The last two attacks came in the last episode of the WWE Friday night blue show on Fox, with Smackdown plunging into chaos at the start of the show, with an attack on Big E and John Morrison and also towards its end, with a brutal attack that arrived backstage, however, where the insiders and referees were savagely beaten by the Retribution.

Two WWE Retribution members' identities likely revealed

Apparently, as reported by Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer, two other girls would hide under the black suits of the stable and would be Jessi Kamea and Santana Garrett, who would thus be added to the already seen Vanessa Borne.

In his last speech to the Observer's microphones, Alvarez would have also added a very particular detail, saying: "In Smackdown, the Retribution member who appeared in the opening segment when the lights went out proved to be a woman - and if you look closely, you will notice that at the end she also shows some purple streaked hair.

Well, even on last week's show, there was a woman in the audience who was KO'd by Retribution and who eventually showed off her purple hair and apparently, she would be just the same athlete. All this because the people under the mask could literally be anyone at any time.

These will not be the final members of the Retribution anyway, so they all take turns a bit under the mask and if you notice and pay enough attention, you can see that there are details that lead to some people under the hoods, which the week before instead they were on the opposite side"

A rather paradoxical choice that of the WWE, which first uses an athlete as a victim and the following week instead inserts the same person under the masks of the attackers, with the storyline of the Retribution that seems to be still quite on the high seas, with the already talked about names by Tommaso Ciampa and Dominik Dijakovic, who could eventually prove to be the leaders of the stable.