AJ Styles reveals the sport he would have pursued if he wasn't a wrestler

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AJ Styles reveals the sport he would have pursued if he wasn't a wrestler

WWE superstar AJ Styles is certainly among the best performers in the world of wrestling today. However, things could have gone differently, as revealed in an interview by Phenomenal One himself. During one of his latest Twitch streams, he revealed that he would have liked to have a career in MMA, but in its early days the sport was not as popular as it is now.

Here are his words: "If MMA had been as popular as it is now, I believe that since high school I would have practiced a school about that sport and I would have done everything to learn it, I have no doubts about it.

Nowadays the guys just out of high school are able to work for this role, they train for a long time and I think they have an advantage." AJ Styles in his streaming deals with different topics and in particular he talks about what young people should do to enter the world of professional wrestling.

AJ Styles on the sport he would have pursued if he wasn't a wrestler

"I was able to find a school that wasn't that expensive, and I wish I could tell you how great that school was at the time but it really wasn't," AJ Styles said.

"It really wasn't that good. I didn't learn much, but I was able to get into the ring much sooner than I should have. And I was able to learn a lot faster because I was in the ring wrestling with other guys. So, if you're looking for a school, research them," he continued.

"Research them all, you know, what are you willing to do? What are you willing to pay? Do you know any guys that went to that school? Does that school have the ability for you to get in and wrestle, like, does that school run shows? To me, that's important because when you're done training, you have a place to run shows and have a place to wrestle."

AJ noted that any person who is interested in the pro wrestling industry should expect to "get hurt" often. He recalls the first time he hit the ropes, and just how painful that experience was to him. "You can't be afraid of injury, you can't be afraid to get hurt.

There's injured, obviously, and there's getting hurt. You're going to get hurt," Styles emphasized. "You're going to hit those ropes, if you haven't already, and you're going to go, 'Oh my God!' I remember that was my reaction, like, 'Oh my God, why's this hurt? If MMA would have been as popular as it is now, I would have been one of those guys right out of high school, probably, right into MMA school, learning everything and doing it," AJ admitted.

"There's no question. But you're talking about kids nowadays that are, like I said, right out of high school jumping into this, or earlier. So they've got a leg up on everybody. They've been training for a while."