Seth Rollins talks about fiance Becky Lynch's pregnancy, John Cena's praise

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Seth Rollins talks about fiance Becky Lynch's pregnancy, John Cena's praise

Seth Rollins has made a significant contribution to keeping Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) afloat in one of the most complicated moments in its recent history. Vince McMahon's company was successful in organizing their shows during the pandemic, but was forced to lay off numerous talents and insiders to cope with the severe economic crisis.

In a long interview with People magazine, the former Shield member recounted his reaction when he found out his fiancée Becky Lynch was pregnant. Lynch eventually relinquished her title and has stepped away from professional wrestling.

It remains to be seen when she will make a comeback post the birth of their first child.

Seth Rollins: "I appreciate John Cena as an artist and as a man"

“It was great, I was really over the moon. She was stunned, while I was super excited.

I remember raising my arms as happy as I was. It's one of those unexpected things, you can't know if you'll be ready, but as soon as it happened, I realized that's what I wanted. The journey has just begun. It's Becky's first pregnancy, so she's trying to figure it all out.

Most women can continue to do their jobs when they get pregnant. Instead, she had to slow down almost completely. She is the toughest person I've ever seen, she always wants to be active. Now she has found some interesting things to do and has created a routine," said Rollins.

Seth also commented on John Cena's praise: “I respect him so much both as a performer and as a human being, so it was nice for me to hear those words. I only have respect for someone like him, not only for what he has done for the business, but also because he is a great guy.

It's fantastic to be appreciated by him, he makes me happy." Finally, Seth Rollins was asked if he envisions a career in wrestling for his son: “If he wants to do it, it will be his business," he laughed.

"If it makes him happy, then so am I. The value that wrestling has added to my life is something I can't even quantify."