WWE launches new virtual broadcast platform ThunderDome

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WWE launches new virtual broadcast platform ThunderDome

As already announced in various news and now officialized by WWE, the new virtual platform called ThunderDome of the Stamford-based federation was launched on Monday to connect fans of the WWE Universe from home, (due to the problems related to the global pandemic), with the shows that the McMahon company will now broadcast from Orlando's Amway Center.

Under the name of WWE ThunderDome, the new application presented by WWE will put fans from home in direct contact with the weekly shows of the company, including PPV, giving a brand new contribution to television tapings, that had lacked an audience since before Wrestlemania, with all the shows once held around the world, which since the outbreak of the world pandemic had instead been broadcast, by the only Performance Center of the company that is also located in the city of Orlando.

WWE introduces ThunderDome to its fans

Starting from the next episode of Friday Night Smackdown, in fact, the McMahon federation will already actively present the new virtual platform with which fans will be able to interact live with the federation shows, with live messages, fireworks, lasers, drones with special cameras and graphics.

In fact, introducing ThunderDome on Twitter, via its official page, WWE said, "WWE ThunderDome, featuring a state-of-the-art set, video boards, pyrotechnics, lasers, cutting-edge graphics and drone cameras, takes WWE fans’ viewing experience to an unprecedented level starting Friday on #SmackDown, kicking off #SummerSlam Weekend!" More specifically, WWE then announced: "WWE has a long history of producing great live shows in sports and entertainment, not yet comparable to what it will bring to TV thanks to ThunderDome.

This facility will be able to bring an atmosphere that fans can fully immerse themselves in, generating much more excitement among the millions of fans watching our programming around the world." Still not knowing for sure what this new find by McMahon means, we just have to wait for the next episode of Friday Night Smackdown, or the last of the weekly shows before Summerslam, to understand what the new atmosphere promised to fans, courtesy of ThunderDome will be of the WWE Universe from the number one pro-wrestling company in the world.

Given these developments, it is obvious that Vince McMahon is doing his best to steer his company through these troubling times.