WWE cut several minutes of Randy Orton’s promo on Raw

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WWE cut several minutes of Randy Orton’s promo on Raw

In the main event of the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, we saw how the found Legend Killer, Randy Orton, mercilessly attacked his mentor and friend Ric Flair, the seventy-year-old WWE Hall of Famer who had been at his side for years.

of the young Orton, since the time of Evolution and who in recent weeks had returned to mentor / manager the Viper of the federation, but suffered the wrath of the same former WWE Champion just a week ago. After a long promo on the microphone held by Orton first and by Flair then, the two got directly to the hands, or rather Randy has seen fit to attack in a rather slimy way the father of Charlotte Flair, hitting him with a low blow first and with a Punt Kick then.

WWE cut several minutes of Randy Orton’s promo on Raw

According to reports from numerous online sources, the promo and the angle seen in the Monday Night Raw main event that aired just a week ago would have aired well beyond the time seen on USA Network screens, with Randy Orton allegedly in fact, we talked and then acted for much longer than we saw instead of us who witnessed the "normal" episode and not the live one from the stands of the Performance Center.

According to the well-known journalist Sean Ross Sapp of the Fightful site, in fact: "Orton's promo was much longer than the one that aired on the broadcaster, with more than one person in the audience confirming that it was 'several minutes' of material, but it wasn't used."

Apparently, WWE would have miscalculated the timing of its show, going a little too long with the segment between Orton and Flair, then being forced to have to cut much of the angle starring the Legend Killer, which it was also probably the most anticipated segment of the evening according to a large swath of WWE Universe fans.

It's claimed that the bit getting cut had nothing to do with quality and it was simply done to facilitate a time slot. Hopefully, WWE makes the entire thing available via their social media accounts at some point. Orton, meanwhile, will take on Drew McIntire for the WWE title at SummerSlam on Sunday.

Shawn Michaels returned to WWE Raw on Monday and things went about as expected for the Heartbreak Kid. Michaels was on Raw to address the actions of Randy Orton last week when he hit a low blow on Ric Flair and then scored with the punt kick, though the lights went out as the kick landed. On Monday, Michaels warned Orton ahead of SummerSlam and his match against Drew McIntyre.