*Spoiler* WWE changes up Drew McIntyre's entrance music

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*Spoiler* WWE changes up Drew McIntyre's entrance music

In the last period the WWE has accustomed us to various news, both to try to please the fans from home in not being able to actively take part in the weekly shows and the WWE ppvs due to the pandemic, and to try to save the TV ratings of the programs that air on the USA Network and on FOX, with WWE that in recent weeks has literally tried everything to raise the numbers that until a few months ago were plummeting.

Apparently, one of the newest and greatest novelties in WWE, will now be called ThunderDome and will be a new virtual platform with which fans will be able to interact a little more directly with the shows that WWE will stage from the Amway Center of Orlando.

It is not known if in this perspective, but the WWE in the last episode of Monday Night Raw, immediately presented a novelty also in the entry music of the WWE Champion of Raw, Drew McIntyre, with the sound of a drawn sword that opens the video and the song of the champion before his entry.

In the episode of the red show that aired in the night, in fact, Drew McIntyre entered the Performance Center arena, which should have seen the last program of the WWE calendar to be staged right from the PC in Orlando, with the move to the Amway Center which will be effective from the next weekly episode of Smackdown probably, with a whole new noise that has attracted not just the curiosity of the Scottish fans.

WWE changes up Drew McIntyre's entrance music

As we said, it is not known if this sound is now an integral part of the entry of the WWE Champion or if the entry of the last episode of Raw was particular due to the attack then perpetrated by Retribution on the WWE IT sector, which only aired part of the reigning champion's promo which was then prematurely sabotaged.

Other WWE insiders and online sources, instead, assert that this sound could be used in the near future, precisely in ThunderDome perspective and therefore it will be one of those special effects that will keep fans from home of the WWE Universe entertained.

It’s unclear if this sword will somehow make more sense when it’s seen inside the ThunderDome. It definitely caught a lot of attention. Of course, they didn’t have much time to talk about it because Retribution soon hijacked the entire show and prematurely ended Drew McIntyre’s promo.