Raw Underground's future confirmed with move to Orlando

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Raw Underground's future confirmed with move to Orlando

In the latest episodes of Monday Night Raw, one of the segments that attracted the most attention and that was most followed by WWE fans, was the one presented by Shane McMahon, Raw Underground, the new format where the athletes of the Stamford company take part in illegal matches with each other, and which also involves putting the basements of the PC in Orlando on fire.

One of the big news coming to WWE, however, could soon change the fate of this format, going to heavily affect the presentation of the show from the basements of the Performance Center of the Florida town, with the federation crew that will move soon, definitively, at the Amway Center in Orlando itself, thus also transferring the ring and all the equipment for the filming of the weekly television tapings.

Raw Underground's future confirmed with move to Orlando

For the moment, the only certain thing is that Raw Underground will continue to go on next week, with a challenge that has already been launched in the past few hours, or in the last episode of the red show, with Dolph Ziggler who will have to face in fact Ivar, of the pair of Viking Raiders.

That challenge arose after Ziggler knocked out Ivar's teammate, Erik, in the last segment of Raw Underground that aired tonight, with Ivar entering the scene being stopped by Shane McMahon. himself, who has postponed the show-off challenge to the giant bearded man of the red show until next week.

Apparently, therefore, Raw Underground will remain alive for the moment, but it will be necessary to see if the WWE will be able to find a suitable place to film those angles and segments also at the Amway Center, or if the crew of the federation will have to continue filming the segments of the clandestine fight in the basements of the Performance Center, thus continuing to record from two places at the same time, with several athletes who will be called upon to do other "extraordinary" in the coming weeks.

During WWE Raw this week, they had a very intense set of Raw Underground segments. During one of those segments Dolph Ziggler defeated Erik from the Viking Raiders in an action-packed contest. Ivar immediately got involved and then Shane McMahon booked a contest next week on Raw Underground between Ivar and Dolph Ziggler.

This confirms that Raw Underground is not going away when they leave the Performance Center. There is no word on whether the Raw Underground set will remain at the Performance Center, or if they will set something up in the Amway Center. Those segments have a totally different feel to them which could require them to be pre-taped.