CM Punk reveals who the members of Retribution should be

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CM Punk reveals who the members of Retribution should be

CM Punk posted another tweet recentlu and all his words have certainly not gone unnoticed by the WWE universe and by all its numerous fans. The former wrestler, who for a few months has returned, albeit with some short hosted, within the company, has had the opportunity to say his opinion about a topic that has been holding the bench for several weeks now among the fans of the company Vince McMahon: who are the members of Retribution, the stable that is putting both Raw and SmackDown to fire and sword.

If, on the other hand, some members may have been revealed (although it cannot be excluded that there are some misdirections by the company to mislead the fans and try to feed this real aura of mystery around their identities), the former UFC fighter had the opportunity to have his say about it on his own social networks.

Here is who, at least in his opinion, could be the members of this new stable heel that is catching the attention of many fans, driven by the curiosity of wanting to know who is under those black balaclavas. As things stand though, we still do not know who the members of RETRIBUTION are.

However, CM Punk does have an idea of who the members should be. In a recently posted tweet, The Second City Saint claimed that Retribution members should be the grandchildren of all the heads of the former territories.

CM Punk's previous reference to RETRIBUTION

Furthermore, CM Punk even chipped with another interesting suggestion of who the leader of Retribution should be, as the former WWE Champion ended his tweet by claiming that former WWF star Greg Gagne could be revealed as the group's leader.

Will they really be the members of this stable? We will see what happens and whether there will be any news in this sense or not. This hypothesis, however, seems to have been denied by Ringsidenews who confirmed the fact that none of these seem to be the nephew of the company's Chairman.

On the contrary, it would seem that all the members are NXT athletes, therefore belonging to the development show (or presumed by now), which would also justify the fact that in the yellow roster there have not yet been attacks by this group of wrestler.

In the coming weeks we will certainly know more but one thing is certain: there could be important news at SummerSlam, perhaps with the unveiling of their names and profiles. All the fans are waiting. RETRIBUTION has taken WWE by storm so far.

The faction initially made their mark on an edition of Monday Night RAW and on a recent episode of SmackDown, the group also returned to cause chaos backstage.