Eric Bischoff on Ultimate Warrior’s WCW Contract

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Eric Bischoff on Ultimate Warrior’s WCW Contract

Eric Bischoff, the former president of WCW, recently spoke about the Ultimate Warrior’s 1998 WCW contract. Ultimate Warrior is a WWE Hall of Famer. He sadly passed away a few years ago. He was a big star in WWE and had thousands of fans all over the world.

WCW signed many WWE wrestlers during that time. Bischoff spoke about Warrior on his podcast. He stated that Warrior’s contract was experimental.

Eric Bischoff on Ultimate Warrior's Contract

"We both had outs," Bischoff said.

"He was a big contract but he was a temporary contract in the sense that if it worked out great, we could mutually agree to continue. If it wasn't working out from our perspective, then we could mutually agree not to continue.

It wasn't like it was this massive commitment where we rethink all of our stories and angles with all of our top heels. It was an experiment, one that I was not thrilled about because I didn't see a character like Warrior being able to move the needle consistently.

"There was a lot of reasons why we thought, 'let's just give it a shot. If it works out bigger and better than I thought it would, wonderful. If it just works out okay, that's alright too.' And if it sucks, there was a way out."

Bischoff spoke about meeting Warrior prior to him signing the contract. He stated that Warrior had a very unique view about his character. "I listened for hours, I listened to Warrior on his views on wrestling mostly, his views on his character," Bischoff said.

"What he felt were potential opportunities outside of the wrestling ring with his character: comic books, animation, merchandise. "He believed in this Warrior character so much, his fantasy world became his real world.

That's all he wanted to talk about. We didn't really talk about money [in the first meeting], it was all about what the opportunities were for Warrior, and where can this character go after we re-establish him in wrestling”.

"The meeting lasted anywhere from 2 and a half to 3 hours, and I would say anywhere from 2 hours to 2 hours and 15 minutes of that was me looking at hundreds of pages of animation, and designs, and looking at what Jim wanted to accomplish."

Many WWE wrestlers that joined WCW at that time mainly did it because WCW paid them really well. Eric Bischoff revealed that Warrior was probably getting just under $500,000 from his contract.